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Grab Life by the Goals

Jun 21, 2021

What if you have an entrepreneurial spirit but you also love your corporate job? Welcome to the concept of “Intrapreneurship”! You can become the CEO of your career by treating your job as a business and carving your own path within your company.

Keith Alyea is a coaching client and in this episode he’s sharing:

  • How a personal crisis led to total breakdown…and ultimately a massive breakthrough in life and career
  • How to view yourself as the CEO of your career path
  • Why to get your entrepreneurial desires met within a company (instead of on the outside)
  • How to approach marketing, sales, and operations within your job
  • How to connect your job with greater purpose and meaning in your life

Keith is a beloved private client and member of the Grab Life by the Goals community. If you want to level up your career, business, and life like Keith has…join our community today!