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Grab Life by the Goals

Oct 18, 2021

Want to hear me openly weep into a podcast microphone?! I’m getting vulnerable as f*ck to share what life really like as an entrepreneur. Yes, even successful business owners sometimes feel like nothing is working. Or, more to the point “everything is f*cked”…even me, your favorite high-vibe coach.

On the heels of a stellar 2020, I made a critical business mistake in 2021 that cost me clients, time, revenue, shook my confidence and led to a low-point in my journey as an entrepreneur. Like every failure, I learned incredible lessons and built totally new magic out of the mess…and this episode will inspire you to do the same.

If you’re feeling like nothing is working in your business, this episode is for you…as long as you don’t judge my wobbly, snot-filled crying voice.