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Grab Life by the Goals

Oct 25, 2021

Wanna learn how to start a business in under an hour? This episode is for you! Meet Mary Allison York, host of the Work It, Girl! Podcast. We did a live event on the Fishbowl app (with nearly 700 people in attendance!) and covered everything you need to know about starting a Side Hustle alongside your demanding corporate job. Things like:

  1. My story of escaping the word of investment banking for life coaching (the good, bad and ugly)
  2. The best types of businesses to start as a side gig
  3. How to disclose your new business to your employer
  4. How to cover your ass financially so your business doesn’t make you go broke
  5. Where to find the time for a business alongside a busy career and life
  6. How to handle the fear of failure

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