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Grab Life by the Goals

Feb 27, 2022

It is OKAY to want more than vanilla in your life. Vanilla is delicious and pleasant, and lots of people love it, but if you’re more of a dark chocolate with three different sauces swirled in (AKA Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food!) kinda gal, that is so valid! In this episode, I’m sharing the areas of my life where I felt super vanilla and wanted much more spice and flavor sprinkled in, and the ups and downs of coming to terms with wanting more in these areas. If you are feeling stuck in the “good on paper” status of certain areas of your life, and you crave breaking free of the norm, this is the episode for you!  

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Some key takeaways on getting your wildest desires met:

  • Something that keeps us stuck in vanilla is fear of judgment for being too freaky. Whether that’s judgment from your partner, your friends, or prospective clients, it can be really scary to put your desires and dreams out there. Do it anyway! The people who love you most will stick around (and maybe even join you for the wild ride!).
  • Look for inspiration from other humans who have put their desires out there and risked it all to be authentically and unapologetically themselves. My faves are Glennon Doyle - specifically read her book, Untamed! - and Ali Wong, whose comedy special “Don Wong” on Netflix is so good. Then YOU get to be that inspiration to other people!
  • Surround yourself with people who like the same freak flag-y stuff as you! If you’re always the odd one out of your friends group in terms of your interests, you’re going to shy away from those interests and feel more blah than ever. Find a squad that loves what you love and lean into that together!


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