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Grab Life by the Goals

Mar 20, 2022

Have you heard the term “Adulting?” It’s doing the mundane, grown up stuff that doesn’t come naturally to you, and it couldn’t be less sexy! However, in today’s episode, Jessica Lackey - a Harvard MBA turned Feminist Strategist & Operations Coach - is sharing all the grown up systems and processes she’s helped me implement in my business and my life and the insane payoffs they’ve already had for me. If you struggle with sorting through the daily admin stuff to get to the juicy, zone of genius moves in your biz and life, this episode is for you!


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Some key takeaways on setting up some adult AF business and life systems:

  • Creativity and flow can’t happen in a messy house. The house in your business consists of your email inbox, your CRM, task managers, calendar, etc. If these things are cluttered to the point where you dread looking at them, you need to clean house before you enter the next phase of your business.
  • You want to put the same intentional systems into your personal life and family routines that you do into your business. Create systems for what you’ll eat for dinner every night, how you’ll split household duties with your partner, and even how you manage your family calendar. It might sound boring, but having all these systems implemented prevents decision fatigue and dramatically reduces stress (and friction!) at home!
  • One of the toughest parts of adulting is understanding that worthwhile change and abundance takes time. You have to strength train for months before you see your physique change, you have to spend time deep cleaning before the daily maintenance is fast and easy. Have faith that you’re implementing the right systems and routines that will pay off in the long run.


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