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Grab Life by the Goals

Apr 3, 2022

Selling high ticket offers easily. Working four hours a day, four days a week. Luxurious morning walks where you can be alone in nature. These are all things that are possible for you when you step into your seven-figure self. The efficiency and surrender that needs to happen to get to this level will free up so much possibility for your business and your life. In this episode, Jessica Fearnley, an award-winning business coach, is walking us through the tangible actions of stepping into our 7-figure selves and swoon-worthy case studies to keep you motivated.


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Some key takeaways on leveling up to a 7-figure business:

  • Show as who you are, not who you think you need to be to be successful. If a lot of your business feels forced or unaligned, pay attention to where that unalignment feels the strongest and embrace the tasks and projects that feel the most energizing to you.
  • Engineer your business based on how you feel on your most average day. So many people plan their businesses around the contingency that they will feel amazing and ultra productive every day. That’s not realistic, but planning for success on average days will help your business take off.
  • When you’re leveling up, one of the first things to do is increase the capacity of your business. This might mean bringing on team members, or reworking your packages to increase your minimum pricing so you need fewer clients to hit your new revenue goals.


Grab Life By the Goals is THE podcast for passionate, badass entrepreneurs who want to change their lives by starting and growing a business on their own terms. On this show, host Lauren Widrick, your sales and life coach with a penchant for dick jokes, will guide you through building your revenue-generating sales skills, finding your “I’m the G.O.A.T.” swagger, creating time and money freedom, and having SO MUCH FUN along the way. If you’re ready to build the business and life of your dreams, I hope you’ll subscribe and tune into our new episodes every Sunday morning. To chat with Lauren about her programs and offers, click the “Let’s Talk!” button at


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