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Grab Life by the Goals

May 1, 2022

Is perfectionism or fear of messing up keeping you from executing on your goals? We can keep ourselves stuck at the starting line when we think we need to have every step planned out before we take the first one, but there is SO much magic that happens when you start messy. In this episode, I’m sharing my best tips for taking messy action toward your goal, no matter what it is, and some stories to demonstrate how I’ve walked the walk over and over again in my six years of business.


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Some key takeaways on taking messy action:

  • Perfectionism is a dream killer! We don’t need to have everything perfectly planned out in order to execute. Simply make a list of some easy to accomplish first steps to take your dream from an idea to a final product. For example, if you wanna write a book, start telling people about it and someone you know might have a contact in publishing, or get a pen and paper and start writing. Just start!
  • Messy action will lead you to more clarity and help you understand what works and what doesn’t. Your first event won’t be perfect, but you’ll get some experience with planning and great feedback from the attendees for the next one. Your first coaching package you ever sell will not look the same as the third iteration of it, but that third iteration will be so much better after the feedback from the first and second iterations. 
  • Messy action should not be miserable. You should be working from a place of excitement to take steps toward your goal and feel inspired to do so. Does the messy action make you feel lit up, or are you dreading it? Find an exciting step and do that first to start the momentum.


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