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Grab Life by the Goals

May 15, 2022

Ahhhhhh!! You guys!!! The Grab Life by the Goals Squad Membership is HERE!!! My #1 question over the years has been “how do I join your squad?,” and until now the answer has been to enroll in one of my coaching programs. Now, for an annual fee or monthly payment plan, you can become a squad member today! As a member of our squad, you’ll get access to all my courses and trainings, weekly business and life coaching calls, and guest expert trainings with our avengers every single week! It doesn’t even end there… You’ll also join us for our annual goal setting retreat starting January 2023 and mini retreats and in-person events in Charlotte, NC (soon to be all over the U.S… and Cabo one day too!). If you’re pumped to join, click here to learn more and enroll in the membership today!


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Some key takeaways from today’s episode:

  • If you’re wondering if the big dream and vision you have for your business is possible and profitable, the answer is probably yes. Push yourself outside of your own boundaries of what a “good business model” could be, and explore every possibility. 
  • The Grab Life By the Goals SQUAD Membership is officially open, and in this membership you’ll get twice weekly coaching, guest experts, access to my course and training library, and annual January goal setting retreat, and mini retreats throughout the year in Charlotte and wherever else our squadmates might live! Come connect with incredible humans who are starting businesses, making quantum leaps in life, and so much more! 
  • Even if you’re not an entrepreneur, if you’re passionate about living your fullest life, having an amazing career, or just being surrounded by incredible badasses, this group is for you! If you’re still on the fence, book a 15-minute clarity call with me and we’ll chat through it (no boner-poking I promise!).


Grab Life By the Goals is THE podcast for passionate, badass entrepreneurs who want to change their lives by starting and growing a business on their own terms. On this show, host Lauren Widrick, your sales and life coach with a penchant for dick jokes, will guide you through building your revenue-generating sales skills, finding your “I’m the G.O.A.T.” swagger, creating time and money freedom, and having SO MUCH FUN along the way. If you’re ready to build the business and life of your dreams, I hope you’ll subscribe and tune into our new episodes every Sunday morning. To chat with Lauren about her programs and offers, click the “Let’s Talk!” button at


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