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Grab Life by the Goals

Jun 5, 2022

A couple weekends ago, I performed my very first stand up comedy routine in front of a live audience. And guess what? I totally choked and forgot my lines… and bawled in the bathroom afterwards. But also, people actually laughed at my jokes! I brought the energy and did the damn thing. In this episode, I’m chatting with my comedy coach and friend Don Garrett about the business of stand up comedy, why laughter is such a healing force, and what performing stand up can teach us about personal growth and chasing our biggest goals. As a bonus, my stand up routine is sprinkled into the episode for your listening pleasure.


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Some key takeaways on stand up comedy and laughter:

  • Laughter is such a healing force. When you’re laughing, the only thing you’re thinking about is whatever just made you laugh. For a minute or two we get an escape (or a “vacation” as Don calls it) from reality and the pain that comes with it. 
  • If you’re interested in being a stand up comic, take a class! Learn the ins and outs of the craft in a small group setting so you can test out your own set in front of an audience. You can also go balls to the wall and participate in an open mic, but DO NOT wing it. Be prepared with a set.
  • You’re gonna bomb sometimes. Even if you’ve been doing something for a while, there will be times that it doesn’t go well. Learn from those bombs and constantly look for ways to improve and you’ll be golden. There are no failures, just learning.


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