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Grab Life by the Goals

Jun 12, 2022

Our Grab Life By the Goals Squad Membership kicked off this week and it was pure magic! Jessica Lackey led the first day of coaching with a “Finding Your Why” exercise, and I received the most spectacular download from the universe: 29 S-words that are my goals, values, and intentions for living a life that makes me swoon. Don’t we all deserve to feel all romantic and sensual about the lives we’re living? This episode is all about how I plan to achieve that, and how you can, too.

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Just three of my 29 secrets for a swoonworthy life are:

  • Significance: Making a huge impact in some way, shape, or form. This could be a worldwide movement you started or could mean becoming an important fixture in your community. Whatever feels really important and impactful to you.
  • Supported: Getting help where you need it and want it. This might be having enough business revenue to outsource all the tasks you don’t like doing or aren’t good at, or hiring a personal chef, house manager, or personal trainer for yourself.
  • Seasonal: As much as we want to, we can’t go hard 100% of the time. We also can’t be coasting along 100% of the time. Seasonality in life and business is so essential for balancing out the busy, stressful seasons with relaxing, easy ones.

Grab Life By the Goals is THE podcast for passionate, badass entrepreneurs who want to change their lives by starting and growing a business on their own terms. On this show, host Lauren Widrick, your sales and life coach with a penchant for dick jokes, will guide you through building your revenue-generating sales skills, finding your “I’m the G.O.A.T.” swagger, creating time and money freedom, and having SO MUCH FUN along the way. If you’re ready to build the business and life of your dreams, I hope you’ll subscribe and tune into our new episodes every Sunday morning. To chat with Lauren about her programs and offers, click the “Let’s Talk!” button at

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