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Grab Life by the Goals

Jun 26, 2022

Your business should feel like you’re at home. You should feel like you can be completely yourself in it, do whatever you love to do in it, and express your unique style through it. In this episode, I’m sharing how I took steps to make my business feel more like home to me, which included letting go of what a coaching business “should” be and stepping into my zone of genius. The result? I just wrapped my highest ever revenue month in June! 

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Some key takeaways on making your business feel like home:

  • Claim what it is you really want. Don’t worry about how frivolous or profitable it might sound right now, just get really clear on what lights you up and declare that shit out loud. Chances are that’s where your home sweet home is.
  • It’s okay to want to want multiple things. If a certain title doesn’t feel like it encompasses all that you are, it doesn’t need to be your whole identity. When you introduce yourself, tell them all the things you’re good at and don’t pressure yourself to fit into a box.
  • Are you spending time in your zone of genius? You ARE in your zone of genius if you feel energized, on fire, and at your best when you’re working on a particular type of project or executing on a particular service. If you’re not, pinpoint what that is and add more of it to your business!

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