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Grab Life by the Goals

Jul 3, 2022

Have you been putting off starting a podcast for YEARS because you’re worried no one will listen, or that it’s just too hard? Colleen Odegaard is an award-winning podcast host and media coach with all the expertise on how to launch a show that will captivate your audience and support your goals! From how to structure your podcast episodes to how to sound confident AF on your show, this episode is jam packed with all the tips and tricks you need to launch a podcast that doesn’t suck.

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Some key takeaways on launching a kickass podcast:

  • Get right to the point! Don’t bury the lead on your podcast with a long-winded intro, and don’t ask your guests to “tell you about themselves.” Get right to the subject matter and immediately start sharing yours or your guest’s expertise.
  • Pick one main podcast topic to begin with. Even if you’re multi passionate and want to talk about all the things, zero in on one target audience or one key topic and build your listenership from there. Once you have buy-in from listeners, then you can talk about whatever you want.
  • Keep your vocals strong throughout the episode. Don’t trail off at the end of sentences or end sentences as a question when they’re not a question. Don’t try to alter the sound of your natural voice, just maintain a strong tone and volume so you sound confident!

Grab Life By the Goals is THE podcast for passionate, badass entrepreneurs who want to change their lives by starting and growing a business on their own terms. On this show, host Lauren Widrick, your sales and life coach with a penchant for dick jokes, will guide you through building your revenue-generating sales skills, finding your “I’m the G.O.A.T.” swagger, creating time and money freedom, and having SO MUCH FUN along the way. If you’re ready to build the business and life of your dreams, I hope you’ll subscribe and tune into our new episodes every Sunday morning. To chat with Lauren about her programs and offers, click the “Let’s Talk!” button at

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