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Grab Life by the Goals

Apr 26, 2021

Does the word “sales” give you the creeps? Do you think of a slimy salesperson pushing their sh*t on you? In this episode, we flip that script because everyone needs sales – yes, even you – to crush their goals. You see, sales is the gateway to transformation for you and the person across the table from you…whether that’s your customer, your boss, your spouse or your friends. When you see sales as creating a mutual win-win… you can accomplish your goals and serve others in the process.

In this episode we discuss:

  • What sales is (and isn’t!)
  • Why everyone needs to embrace sales (even if you don’t own a business or have a sales-related job)
  • My core principles for selling with integrity
  • How to apply your Sales Swagger in a number of real-life scenarios

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