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Grab Life by the Goals

May 3, 2021

It’s time to get raw and real on this podcast. It’s time to show you what my life is really like. I love giving you systems and frameworks to change your life, but sometime those systems breakdown in my own world. When you decide to disrupt your status quo and follow the path less traveled…it comes with hardships, heartache and breakdowns. In this raw, unscripted episode, you’ll meet Keiko Munro who is my first full-time hire and my spiritual partner on this quest to build a business with worldwide impact. We talk openly and honestly about:

  • Our mission to create a business from spiritual alignment
  • What her experience is really like on this team (and our crazy-ass first month)
  • Real examples of our breakdowns and how we recover from them
  • Where things may look perfect on the outside but are stressful AF in reality

So many business coaches are out there preaching financial freedom and a laptop lifestyle. Very few will tell you what it’s really like – mind-bendingly challenging and 100% worth it when you go all-in.