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Grab Life by the Goals

Feb 20, 2022

As far as supportive partners go, my husband Shawn - AKA Shawndaddy - is among the best of ‘em. In this episode, I’m putting him in the hot seat to hear his perspective on what it’s really like to be married to an entrepreneur. From how he felt when I first told him I wanted to start a business (right after we made the biggest financial decision of our lives) to how he feels about me making d*ck jokes in my LinkedIn posts, Shawndaddy holds nothing back in this super fun (and honestly super cute) episode. If you’re an entrepreneur and have wondered what your partner might feel like on this rollercoaster ride, this is the episode for you!


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Some key takeaways on being married to an entrepreneur:

  • Entrepreneurship is a wild ride for all parties involved! Even if the entrepreneur is the key decision maker and feels like only they really understand the rollercoaster, their partner or spouse is right along on that ride with them.
  • Trust is at the core of any strong relationship, but especially when one partner is entering entrepreneurship. Your partner needs to trust that you’re going to make the right decisions to make your business work, and that you’ll learn and grow from your mistakes along the way.
  • Prioritize communicating your goals to each other and setting goals together. You and your partner are on the same team, and goal setting together really solidifies that partnership mentality that’s going to allow you both to aim higher and achieve your biggest dreams.


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