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Grab Life by the Goals

Mar 13, 2022

If it is on your heart to build a brand for your business that’s inclusive for people of all backgrounds, this episode is for you! Crystal Whiteaker, an Inclusive Branding Consultant and Founder of Crystal Lily Creative, is here to give actionable advice on how to make sure your messaging creates a sense of belonging for all who interact with it. She even walks me through some vulnerable exercises to connect my core values to more inclusive messaging. 


Crystal Whiteaker (pronouns: she/her/hers) is a Leadership Development and DEIB* Consultant specializing in inclusive coaching and consulting for brands and leaders that care deeply about diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging.  Crystal brings over 15 years of creative, relational, process driven experience across multiple industries.  She is a self-described "corporate trained, creative hippie” who puts a strong focus on core values to help people elevate their community connections and lead with clarity and confidence.

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Some key takeaways on building an inclusive brand:

  • Core values are an essential part of building an inclusive brand. If you can tie your DEI efforts back to your personal or business core values, you will be able to foster more authentic relationships with your community members than if you were just posting “inclusive” content without any thought or true intention behind it. 
  • Instead of focusing on creating a “safe space,” focus on creating an environment and community where people have the opportunity to be brave. Are your core values and messaging making people feel like they can show up and speak up as their truest selves around you?
  • We are all responsible for doing our own work to overcome internalized biases. Don’t put the educational labor on your friends or colleagues of color to tell you why certain things are racist or discriminatory - look up resources and read up on your own before you approach them to have a discussion.

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