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Grab Life by the Goals

Apr 17, 2022

Is it your dream to build a team to support you in growing your business? There is a huge shift that happens between leading a team in a corporate role and leading a team that is ultimately representing your brand in your own company. In this episode, Karen Weeks, a Human Resources pro and Career Transformation Coach, is here to share with us all the ins and outs of the hiring process. From who you should hire first to onboarding them for success, she covers it all and drops some serious gems in this episode!

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 Some key takeaways on building a badass team are:

  • Some things solopreneurs get wrong is hiring their besties or someone they think they can treat as a bestie or right hand person, and not having all the processes in their head documented on paper for their new hire. Blurred boundaries and unmet expectations can ensue in these scenarios, resulting in a lot of frustration for both parties.
  • When you’re thinking about your hire, it’s so important to be strategic. Think about what skills you need this person to have, the company values you want them to embody, what this role will grow into in the future, and what the ROI of having this person in place will be.
  • Your onboarding process for a new hire should probably be a bit slower than you might think. Build in time for them to learn your processes, software and tools, and the best communication style for the two of you. Set clear expectations of when they should have certain processes nailed down, and when they should expect to own certain tasks or projects.

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