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Grab Life by the Goals

May 29, 2022

Ever wondered what can happen for your business in five years? In that time, Kelley and Berkeley met for the first time and became business soulmates, started a travel-inspired design business called House of Nomad, and now have two storefronts in Charlotte and Charleston and a line of original products sold at Anthropologie. No matter what kind of business is in your heart, these women will inspire you with their trials and triumphs of the last five years in this episode.

You will get all the goodness in the audio-only version, but please check out the video version to see Kelley’s gorgeous living room and the wallpaper they designed!

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Some key takeaways from Kelley & Berkeley:

  • Take calculated risks in your business. If you’re risking bankruptcy, obviously don’t put yourself in that situation (that’s what my boy Tom Bilyeu calls a “mortality experiment”). If the worst case scenario is that you won’t get clients and will need to get a “regular” job, that’s not so bad. Go for it.
  • Running a business requires a ton of self-reflection and growth. Allow yourself to learn new things about yourself and grow alongside it. You’ll be a better leader - and person - for it.
  • You can absolutely grow a business beyond your wildest dreams in five years (or even less). House of Nomad did it, even through a pandemic! You can absolutely do it too. Check out our Grab Life By the Goals Squad Membership to find a community of humans to inspire you.

Grab Life By the Goals is THE podcast for passionate, badass entrepreneurs who want to change their lives by starting and growing a business on their own terms. On this show, host Lauren Widrick, your sales and life coach with a penchant for dick jokes, will guide you through building your revenue-generating sales skills, finding your “I’m the G.O.A.T.” swagger, creating time and money freedom, and having SO MUCH FUN along the way. If you’re ready to build the business and life of your dreams, I hope you’ll subscribe and tune into our new episodes every Sunday morning. To chat with Lauren about her programs and offers, click the “Let’s Talk!” button at


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